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Dalhousie Libraries Kipling collection

The Dalhousie Libraries Kipling Collection has an international reputation as the most comprehensive collection of Rudyard Kipling's publications in the world. Containing an exhaustive selection of Kipling's literary and journalistic works, the Kipling Colletion also holds significant research ephemera and support material by and about Kipling Kipling produced, such as manuscripts letters, pamphlets, original illustrations included in Kipling's works, autographs, sketches, and sheet music for poems set to music. The Kipling Collection also contains the Kipling Collection Scrapbooks, informal compilations created to collect and preserve Kipling's early journalistic work, as well as every possible version of his poems, short stories, and novels thorugh serialized form.

Kipling Collection scrapbooks

The Dalhousie Kipling Collection Scrapbooks were created and compiled through the collecting efforts of notable nineteenth and twentieth century Kipling enthusiasts from England and the United States. The Dalhousie Kipling Collection has eleven scrapbooks compiled by seven collectors: Sir William Garth, Ellis Ames Ballard, G.D. Wells and James Todman Goodwin. The remaining collectors are unidentified. These fragile scrapbooks are filled with rare and invaluable publications, making them an important resource for international researchers. The Digital Kipling Project intends to make this unique collection of scrapbooks available to researchers and Kipling enthusiasts alike.

Digital Kipling

This summer 2017, the Dalhousie Libraries' Digital Kipling Project team will be digitizing the scrapbooks and creating a Digital Humanities exhibit in the Libraries' new digital exhibit space with Omeka, an open-source web-publishing platform. By digitizing the scrapbooks, this project will enhance the accessibility of the Kipling Collection, provide contextual and background information crucial to the scrapbooks, and further support research surrounding Kipling. The Digital Kipling online exhibit will launch in Fall 2017. Check back on this page for additional information and updates on the project as it progresses.

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We're planning a few blog posts on the Dalhousie Libraries blog about the project over while it is in development, which will be featured here.

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